How to Apply to a University of Technology

Deciding to study at a tertiary -institution is the first step any -prospective student makes. However, standing at the crux of one’s academic life, the choice of a particular institution is difficult at best, while the application process always remains daunting. Before even consider-ing applying, you should give the following issues grave consideration:

What are your -interests? What -tertiary institutions offer courses that are related to area(s) of -interest?

Have you completed research on the entrance requirements, for courses that you are interested in studying?

Do you meet the specified
and if not, are there other courses that you may possibly be interested in studying?

How are you going to pay for your studies, and have you researched various bursary and loan options available?


Do you know and understand the differences between university and university of technology study?

Once you have clarity on the above issues, and have decided that –university of techno-logy study is the way for you to go, and you have all the relevant course docu-men-tation, the -application process can begin:

Write to the university of -techno-logy that offers the -particular course you are -wanting to study, and request an application form. Some -institutions make their application forms available on their websites, which can -simply be downloaded and printed.

Once the application form has been received, study it carefully, and take very special note of the closing date and documentation that needs to be submitted. Application forms are normally very long and complex documents, and it is a good idea to complete them in pencil before committing the information to ink.

Once completed, make sure that all the questions have been answered, all the required -information has been pro-
vided, and is correct. Sign and date the document.

Collect all the documentation to
be submitted, and place in an envelope for posting or delivery.

Some institutions require a non-refundable application fee. If you are going to send this fee by postal order, purchase the –correct value, fill in the name of the university of technology and cross the postal order. If you
are sending a cheque, ensure that the –university of technology’s name is completed in full, and that the cheque is crossed and signed.

Attach your application fee payment to the documentation and -application form.

It is a good idea to make a photo-copy of your application form and documents for your own records, before submitting them to the university of -technology at which you are applying for study.

Address the -envelope and post your application form, documentation and -application fee. It is safer to send it by –“registered” mail so that you have proof of postage. If you live close to the university of technology, you may wish to deliver your -application form by hand. Whatever delivery method you may use, be sure that they are submitted before the -closing date.

The next step in applying for study at a university of techno-logy, is to wait for communication from the institution as to the -status of your application.