University Study



How to Apply to a University


Before you apply to a university think of the following:

•Do you know why you want to go to university?
•Do you know what course you want to study?
•Do you know what Grade 12 subjects you need to be accepted for this course?
•Do you know which universities offer this course?
•Can you afford to study at a university?

If you are sure you want to go to -university then you are ready to apply.

How to apply:

•Research the universities that offer the course, or the university that you want to attend, and ask them to send you an application form or get an application form online for which you have to pay an application fee. This amount is not refundable.
• When you receive the form, make a note of the closing date for applying. Closing dates for attending university in 2019 vary according to faculties, namely: All Health Science applications Close 30 June 2018. Architecture studies and Speech & Hearing Close 30 June 2018. All other faculties Close 30 September 2018. This also includes financial aid and residence applications. Check the deadline date for your faculty early.
• Take time to study the form carefully. The forms are long and complicated, so maybe you could ask a parent, teacher, or older friend to help you.
• Use a pencil first when answering the questions on the form. If you make a mistake you can rub it out.
• Make sure that you answer all the questions. If you don’t provide all the information they want, then they might not take your application seriously.
• When you are sure all the information is correct, fill the answers in with a ballpoint pen.
• Keep the application forms clean and not crumpled. If your form is neat and clear it will give the impression that you are organised and tidy, rather than untidy and careless.
• If you receive an acceptance letter and you accept the offer, you have to pay an amount of ±R10 470 when you register, which is not refundable, However, should you not accept the offer you do not have to pay this amount.
Put it all together:
– Cheque or EFT
– the application form
– the registration fee
– other documents the university requests, eg. Grade 11 report.
You might want to make a photo copy of the application form for your own records. Take it to the post office and send it before the closing date. It is a good idea to “register” it. Courier sevices is also an option. This means the form will definitely reach them.
The post office or courier will give you a tracking number.
• The competition for places at the university is enormous. All universities get more applications than there are places available. Apply to more than one university if you can. This means you will have to pay a registration fee to each university you apply to. You must decide if you can afford this.
• Be sure you have the right subjects at the right grade.
Study hard for your final exams. It is these marks that the university uses for selection.