THE BURSARY REGISTER offers guidance to the youth of South Africa.  For thousands of school leavers the future need not be a canvas painted grey – with a scarcity of jobs, unemployment, and the frustration being the only future available.  Against this bleak background we wish to position a sign of hope, so that young people can be equipped with the knowledge and skills to start the process of building a brighter future.
THE BURSARY REGISTER is an A5 book, updated annually, and provides extensive information on bursaries, loans and scholarships with details of the application for each bursary – who may apply, the closing date, and where to send the applications to.  It includes valuable information on how and when to apply for bursaries as well as advice on the best way of seeking finance for further study.
We invite companies to join the other loyal sponsoring companies to participate in advertising/sponsorship so that more young people will be enabled to develop their true potential.
Contact Joey van Dyk on 011 363 6007 or 072 226 1684 for the 2019 rates.